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Website Problems?

If you are experiencing problems using the Floral-Elegance website it is probably down to using Internet Explorer. We have experienced certain configurations stop the website from working correctly.

We have a simple solution! - download and install Mozilla Firefox (Click link opposite) - By using this browser, it will enhance your experience of the Floral Elegance website - it will be much quicker too!

Once you have downloaded the installer file, you just need to double click it and install, once it is installed you use it just like you would use Internet Explorer.

Firefox works just like Internet Explorer, on installation, firefox will ask you if you want to import your settings from Internet Explorer and to make it your default browser. It doesnt just speed up our site, you will notice the difference in your internet experience in general by using Mozilla Firefox.

Note: You can have Mozilla Firefox running on your computer as well as your usual browser - You do not need to replace your preffered browser